Parenting is a roller coaster filled with highs of joy, celebration, and gratitude as well as lows of frustration, exhaustion, and discouragement. There is nothing quite like being a parent that brings out the best in you and the worst, sometimes within a split second!

The privilege and challenge of raising children to be responsible adults is not to be taken lightly, and we all need help along the way. At the|rock our desire is to come alongside parents to encourage, equip, and support them with practical tools and new insights. We do this by offering Gracious Parenting Workshops throughout the year and providing regular resources on our Parenting Blog and on our facebook or instagram.

Upcoming Events

Gracious Parenting Workshops: Coming Fall 2019

Whether it is dinnertime hassles, backtalk, homework, sibling fighting, or irresponsibility – parenting provides continual challenges. Gracious Parenting workshops are designed to help us navigate the challenges of parenting while building up the relationship with our kids, offering practical tools we can use everyday, and providing encouragement for the whole family.

Parenting happens in real life, not theory, so these workshops focus on specific and interactive content. We tackle real-life, everyday challenges and look at topics such as; a new look at misbehavior, understanding your own parenting style and what pushes your buttons, how to be kind and firm, the power of encouragement, logical consequences, solving problems together, and family meetings.