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Gracious Parenting Workshop: Understanding Misbehavior

Misbehavior takes all sorts of forms: yelling, backtalk, refusing to do chores, fighting with siblings, hitting and so many more. But no matter the specific behavior it all has one thing in common – it is frustrating and annoying. When our kids act out we normally just want it to stop, and unfortunately most of us resort to angry threats, arguments, or yelling to make that happen. But the dirty secret of parenting is that none of us feel good when interactions result in these tactics.

This workshop will introduce you to some new ways to tackle misbehavior without yelling, threats, or arguments. You will learn how to identify the source of the misbehavior and gain practical tools to make it stop and still build up the relationship with your child.

The Gracious Parenting Workshop is from 9:00 am - 10:30 am and we offer free childcare…and coffee! Mark your calendars, register online, and invite a friend because we all need support when it comes to parenting!

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